2019 Quarter-Season Power Rankings

Most teams are at or just beyond the quarter-mark of the season which makes it a great time to take stock of the standings with a power ranking.

Here, we rank the teams not just simply on their place in the standings but projections, run differential and other factors are also considered.

How does your team measure up?

1. Houston Astros
2. Chicago Cubs
3. Los Angeles Dodgers
4. Tampa Bay Rays
5. Boston Red Sox
6. New York Yankees
7. Minnesota Twins
8. Philadelphia Phillies
9. Milwaukee Brewers
10. Cleveland Indians
11. St. Louis Cardinals
12. Atlanta Braves
13. New York Mets
14. Arizona Diamondbacks
15. Cincinnati Reds
16. Seattle Mariners
17. Colorado Rockies
18. Los Angeles Angels
19. San Diego Padres
20. Washington Nationals
21. Chicago White Sox
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. Oakland Athletics
24. Detroit Tigers
25. Toronto Blue Jays
26. Texas Rangers
27. San Francisco Giants
28. Kansas City Royals
29. Baltimore Orioles
30. Miami Marlins

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