Top 10 Right Now – Starting Pitchers

Such a volatile position, we see a new number one guy again a year after Corey Kluber took over the top spot.  Who might have deThroned the Indians’ ace?  If that’s not obvious enough, read on to find out!

While the top spot may not surprise many, there are sure to be some snubs or possible over-ranks, but that’s what makes these lists so fun – the subjectivity of it all even with incredible data.

A new list will be published each Monday leading up to pitchers and catchers reporting in February. The lists will highlight the Top 10 players at each position, managers and executives, finishing up with the Ultimate Top 10 list, a ranking of each of the position’s number one player.

Here’s a list of what’s to come and already been published:
Nov. 12 – Executives
Nov. 19 – Managers
Nov. 26 – Catchers
Dec. 3 – Left Fielders
Dec. 10 – First Basemen
Dec. 17 – Starting Pitchers
Dec. 24 – Designated Hitters
Dec. 31 – Third Basemen
Jan. 7 – Right Fielders
Jan. 14 – Relief Pitchers
Jan. 21 – Second Basemen
Jan. 28 – Center Fielders
Feb. 4 – Shortstops
Feb. 11 – Ultimate Top 10

Below are two lists, one (“Statistical”) shows players ranked per a combination of their 2018 stats and where they ranked in those stats per their respective position. Several different stats are included in the calculations, but “stat-heads” will be happy to know we don’t consider wins.  The second (“Adjusted”) list is based on stats but then given adjustments based on track record, injuries and projections and reflects our ranking of the players as they head into 2019.

2018 Statistical Top 10
10. Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians
9. Walker Buehler, Los Angeles Dodgers
8. Gerrit Cole, Houston Astros
7. Trevor Bauer, Cleveland Indians
6. Aaron Nola, Philadelphia Phillies
5. Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays
4. Justin Verlander, Houston Astros
3. Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals
2. Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox
1. Jacob deGrom, New York Mets

Adjusted Top 10
10. Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants
9. Luis Severino, New York Yankees
8. Aaron Nola, Philadelphia Phillies
7. Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians
6. Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays
5. Walker Buehler, Los Angeles Dodgers
4. Justin Verlander, Houston Astros
3. Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox
2. Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals
1. Jacob deGrom, New York Mets

In consideration (with their rank from last year’s list): Clayton Kershaw (2), Stephen Strasburg (5), Robbie Ray (8), Noah Syndergaard (9), Carlos Carrasco (10), Bauer, Cole, Kyle Freeland, Patrick Corbin, James Paxton, Mike Foltynewicz, David Price

Notes: While Sale was close in numbers, he just didn’t have the volume that deGrom did this year… it’s the same reason Scherzer gets the nod over Sale… can Verlander keep it going?… Buehler, Snell and Nola – you can bet at least one will regress but they all have incredible stuff so I’m not going to try to guess who that will be… Kluber likely to rebound (not like he had a bad year but could be more Kluber-like)… Severino had incredible first half, too good to not be great again… remember Madison Bumgarner?… so hard to leave Kershaw off a top starting pitcher list, but his body is failing him… so many other quality candidates who could find their way onto next year’s list and even had a shot at this one.


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