Top 10 Right Now – Shortstops

Here we go with possibly the deepest and closest list of the year – shortstops.

A new list will be published each Monday leading up to pitchers and catchers reporting in February. The lists will highlight the Top 10 players at each position, managers and executives, finishing up with the Ultimate Top 10 list, a ranking of each of the position’s number one player.

Here’s a list of what’s to come and already been published:
Nov. 13 – Executives
Nov. 20 – Managers
Nov. 27 – Second Basemen
Dec. 4 – Relief Pitchers
Dec. 11 – Center Fielders
Dec. 18 – Shortstops
Dec. 25 – Designated Hitters
Jan. 1 – Left Fielders
Jan. 8 – First Basemen
Jan. 15 – Starting Pitchers
Jan. 22 – Catchers
Jan. 29 – Third Basemen
Feb. 5 – Right Fielders
Feb. 12 – Ultimate Top 10

Below are two lists, one (“Statistical”) shows players ranked per a combination of their 2017 stats and where they ranked in those stats per their respective position. Offensive, defensive, baserunning and all-inclusive stats are included in the calculations.  The second (“Adjusted”) list is based on stats but then given adjustments based on track record, injuries and projections and reflects our ranking of the players as they head into 2018.

The list in which the players appear depends mostly on where they played the most games (or innings) in 2017 but also where they project to play this coming year if substantially different than last (i.e. role player getting a more permanent position).

2017 Statistical Top 10
10. Xander Bogaerts
T-8. Paul DeJong
T-8. Tim Beckham
7. Didi Gregorius
6. Carlos Correa
5. Elvis Andrus
4. Zack Cozart
3. Andrelton Simmons
2. Corey Seager
1. Francisco Lindor

Adjusted Top 10
10. Brandon Crawford
9. Elvis Andrus
8. Didi Gregorius
7. Xander Bogaerts
6. Addison Russell
5. Trea Turner
4. Andrelton Simmons
3. Carlos Correa
2. Corey Seager
1. Francisco Lindor

In consideration (with their rank from last year’s list): Trevor Story (8), DeJong, Beckham, Jean Segura, JP Crawford, Orlando Arcia, Amed Rosario

Notes: A position so deep (and young), it’s difficult to make room for potential breakout candidates (as we’ve done for several other positions) like Arcia, JP Crawford and Rosario… it’s so close at the top, only Correa’s injury last year kept him at #3… not only did Simmons hit in ’17, his defense was superb, as usual… looking for Turner to take that next step and Russell to bounce back from a year filled with off-field distraction… Andrus can’t do it again, can he?… was a toss-up of Crawford vs. DeJong (and maybe even Segura) for the 10 spot, but we’ll go with the veteran looking for a bounce back year over the rookie who looks like he could be legit (note: we doubted the Cards’ rookie shortstop from a year ago – Aledmys Diaz, who was also coming off a strong season – and were right, for what it’s worth)… Cozart had the 10 spot until he was traded Friday to the Angels to be their 3rd baseman


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