Standings, Playoff and Awards Predictions

Much like the Power Rankings in the following post, these predictions are made as teams are assembled today.  Naturally, factors like injuries, trades and free agent signings can push a team in either direction but we make our predictions proudly and stand by them – mostly.

With that, I feel the least confident and would happily be swayed (with a strong counter-argument) in my decision on the American League East.  That division is so wide-open and close that any of the five teams could take it down.

Going in, my assumption was that the Orioles were an automatic fourth or fifth place team, however, after breaking down each roster, it appears they could easily contend.  It will all come down to that starting rotation – Gallardo or not.  Boston and New York have too many question marks and Tampa could trade any of their starters at any time.

A year ago, I was the only predictor I saw that had the Texas Rangers anywhere near the top of the division/Power Rankings and they proved me correct, winning the division in 2015.  This year’s surprise team is the Cleveland Indians with the Royals finishing second.  On paper, nothing jumps out about Kansas City, however, they are fielding largely the same team that won it all last year, so I can’t knock them all the way down to a third or fourth place team just yet.

Finally, in the AL West I have the Astros missing the playoffs this year.  As history has shown, a team with a sudden surge, has a down year the season after followed by a more sustained string of success.  That is what Houston will face in 2016 before becoming a perennial powerhouse starting in ’17.

There will no doubt be surprises and some obvious choices, but that’s the beauty of baseball as the debates will only just get started.  Let’s jump right in.

National League East
New York Mets (93-69)
Washington Nationals (91-71)
Miami Marlins (86-76)
Atlanta Braves (66-96)
Philadelphia Phillies (61-101)

National League Central
St. Louis Cardinals (96-66)
Chicago Cubs (94-68)
Pittsburgh Pirates (83-79)
Milwaukee Brewers (68-94)
Cincinnati Reds (65-97)

National League West
San Francisco Giants (90-72)
Los Angeles Dodgers (88-74)
Arizona Diamondbacks (87-75)
Colorado Rockies (77-85)
San Diego Padres (74-88)

American League East
Toronto Blue Jays (93-69)
Baltimore Orioles (86-76)
New York Yankees (85-77)
Boston Red Sox (80-82)
Tampa Bay Rays (69-93)

American League Central
Cleveland Indians (92-70)
Kansas City Royals (88-74)
Detroit Tigers (88-74)
Chicago White Sox (81-81)
Minnesota Twins (68-94)

American League West
Texas Rangers (89-73)
Seattle Mariners (85-77)
Houston Astros (84-78)
Oakland A’s (80-82)
Los Angeles Angels (74-88)

Wild Card Games
Cubs def. Nationals
Tigers def. Royals

Division Series
Cubs def. Cardinals
Giants def. Mets

Blue Jays def. Tigers
Indians def. Rangers

Championship Series
Giants def. Cubs
Indians def. Blue Jays

World Series
Indians def. Giants

NL MVP – Buster Posey, Runner up – Anthony Rizzo, 3rd – Bryce Harper
AL MVP – Josh Donaldson, Runner up – Robinson Cano, 3rd – Justin Upton

NL Cy Young – Madison Bumgarner, Runner up – Jacob deGrom
AL Cy Young – Chris Sale, Runner up – Jordan Zimmermann

NL ROY – Trevor Story, Runner up – Steven Matz
AL ROY – Jose Berrios, Runner up – Joey Gallo

NL Manager – Terry Collins, Runner up – Mike Matheny
AL Manager – Terry Francona, Runner up – Scott Servais


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